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What is Procura?

Attendee Organizer

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Procura allows hackathon organizers to manage their attendees more efficiently. Attendees can be tracked throughout the registration, attendance, and competition phases of the hackathon, as well as throughout the judging and awards sections of the competition.

News & Update Hub

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Procura makes it easy for hackathon organizers to send out updates about the competition or reminders that a workshop is starting or that a meal has arrived. This makes it easy for attendees to get notified that something new is happening.

Convenience Tool

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The goal of Procura is to make hackathons more efficient and convenient. We build our software in the interest of making these competitions more enjoyable, so that’s why we put as much effort as we can to making sure the performance of our software is as good as it can be.

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Procura Team

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Pranav Krishna

Mobile App Developer

Pranav Krishna is a 15 year old student programmer based in the bay area. His hobby for coding has helped him create many successful projects that he has published. Being fluent in over 6 programming languages, coding is his most favored hobby.

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Shabd Veyyakula

Mobile App Developer

Shabd Veyyakula is a diligent 15 year old programmer who has experience in areas of app development. He takes pride in his work making sure satisfaction from his users are his utmost priority. He started his pursuit of software development in eight grade and currently learning more since.

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Calix Huang

Frontend Web Developer + UI/UX Designer

Calix Huang is a 15 year old self-taught programmer and entrepreneur. He is homeschooled as a part of an independent study online program called Connections Academy, and I have used online resources to teach myself every single thing I know about software engineering.

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Kushagra Singh

Mobile UI Designer

Kushagra Singh is a 16-year-old programmer from the bay area. He enjoys creating apps in his free time. His experience is mostly in app development but also enjoys venturing in areas like game development and 3d modeling. He got into computers at age 11 and has learned many new skills since.


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